• Go Wild.

  • Born to Breathe.

  • Saddle up partner

  • We’re a traveling band of filmmakers and photographers shooting for clients all over the world. Our visual style evolved from growing up at the lake, close friendships and the great outdoors. We’re not shy, but we like to let our work do the talking. We’ll just say we’ve been described as timeless, fun, energetic, natural, epic, original, sassy and adventurous.

    Let us create something awesome for you.

  • We’re no strangers to sunshine, traveling and adventure. And that’s where you’ll usually find us shooting – whether we’re working or not… We also love pretending we’re captains of the sea.


  • “We can’t believe you guys are in Missouri!” – Yup, we are. And proud of it. Born and bred in the heartland of the United States, we’re based just outside of Kansas City – proving you can ride a horse bareback with a camcorder to just about anywhere. And yes, Kansas City is in Missouri.




    We create everything in-house. From concept to script, and production to post. Armed with a RED Epic, one could say we’re a one-stop-shop for all your video and film production needs. And we love what we do.


    If it’s extra flavor you’re after, we’ll bury our heads in our computers and create some original motion graphics and animations that even your mom will be proud of.


    We also love telling stories through a single frame. Whether shooting in our studio, or traveling the world for our destination photography, we know how to capture a moment.  I guess you could say, we’ve been around.


    Our composers are loud and rowdy, but somehow we keep them focused enough to create the original sound and music for almost all of our projects.


    We’ve built Mammoth from the ground up and we can help you do the same. How does your company feel?


  • 1 Stella
  • 2 McDonalds
  • 3 AMC
  • 4 Redbull
  • 5 Remington
  • 6 Hostess
  • 7 HB
  • 8 Chiefs
  • 9 Bass Pro
  • 10 Realtree
  • 11 Outdoor Channel
  • 12 Metlife
  • 13 RDB
  • 14 Travel NBC
  • 15 Becks
  • 16 On the border
  • 18 Westrock
  • 19 RTC
  • 20 Panera
  • 21 Boulevard
  • 17 Bushnell

"-Nobody knows what's going to happen. And then we film it. That's the whole concept.-"